Tesla Shanghai denied that foreign media reported that the factory had suspended production because of employees infected with the virus.

(Associated Press)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Reuters" pointed out a few days ago that the Shanghai factory of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla (Tesla) was originally expected to suspend work from last Sunday (25th) to January 1, 2023 due to a series of confirmed cases among employees. In the end, it chose to stop production one day in advance last Saturday (24th). In this regard, Tesla stated that the previous reports were not completely correct.

According to the Chinese media "Global Times", a person familiar with Tesla's China explained that the shutdown has nothing to do with the epidemic, because the factory is in the middle of the maintenance period of the production line, and the employees will be on vacation. maintain high productivity.

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If according to the official statement, this is just a Christmas holiday with annual production line maintenance, not a real shutdown, I'm afraid it doesn't make sense. Going back to Christmas in 2021, the Tesla Shanghai factory did not have a long holiday. In fact, the last 1 month of each season Weeks are usually the busiest time for Tesla, when the production line must be fully fired and sprint to deliver cars, and Tesla is currently experiencing a slowdown in demand in China.

Therefore, even if the Chinese media or Tesla refute the foreign media reports, judging from the current situation, the epidemic may still be the main reason for the shutdown of factories. Since China has relaxed epidemic prevention restrictions, without complete supporting measures, it will disrupt the production and operation of enterprises in the short term. For commercial activities, Tesla China has also extended the delivery time of Model 3 and Model Y to 1-4 weeks.

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