Wu Xinyang, general manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, has been deeply involved in the Taiwan market and will continue to expand in Taiwan in the future.

(Photo by reporter Zhuo Yijun)

[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report] Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, the leading department store, is actively adjusting its steps to cope with the various changes brought about by the epidemic. As the epidemic slows down, the performance of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has recovered rapidly. , hit a record high, and reached the annual performance target of 83 billion yuan in mid-December ahead of schedule.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi said that 2022 will be a year of constant ups and downs in the world economy and the epidemic. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is not afraid of the epidemic and actively deploys unblocked business opportunities. This year's renovation includes 11 full-floor and 30 area renovations, and a total of 640 counters have been adjusted and introduced. , is the largest in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's history, which is equivalent to the scale of opening a new department store; in addition, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has launched 9 arrows at once, laying out the most powerful digital functions, and constructing a comfortable online and offline shopping circle!

In addition to the continuous optimization of the four major digital channels, five major digital services have been updated, including "digital membership, smart customer service, Qixianggou, celebrity selection stores, and gourmet codes." With the concerted efforts of all colleagues and manufacturer partners, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi In the third quarter, it began to recover strongly, and its performance and customer acquisition even surpassed the performance before the epidemic in 2019, and it reached this year's goal of 83 billion in mid-December ahead of schedule.

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Due to strategic considerations for the future layout, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi decided to close the Taoyuan Dayou store at the end of February next year. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi said that it is still optimistic about the potential of the Taoyuan market. To provide customers with more diversified services, and will continue to actively seek new opportunities for the development of the Taoyuan market.

In addition, the progress of "Diamond Towers" in Taipei East District is affected by factors such as the epidemic's impact on the global supply chain, raw materials, and hardware equipment. In order to maintain quality and better meet consumers, it is expected to debut next year.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi pointed out that in the future, in the Taiwan market, it will continue to display stores and actively deploy, and continue to strive to provide consumers with a better life.

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