The decline in electric gold has converged, and the short-term monthly and semi-annual lines have fluctuated between ranges (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes closed in the dark last Friday. Taiwan stocks led the decline in electronics stocks today. Industrial and financial stocks also fell. Only the biotechnology, shipping, and tourism industries and other minorities went against the trend. The index Opened lower and lowered, fell more than 100 points, the index backtested 14411 points, however, the intraday decline in the wafer duo converged, Hon Hai, Largan, Cathay Gold, Fubon Gold and other stocks turned red, and the decline in the market index converged to more than 60 points.

Wang Rongxu, CEO of Wanbao Investment Consulting Research Department, said that the market is worried about the global economic downturn. U.S. stocks continued to pull back last Friday, and Taiwan stocks also pulled back today. Because there is no special bad news in the market, and the volume at the end of the year can shrink Below, the index fluctuates between the half-year line and the monthly line, which is the best performance for bulls.

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Since the Nasdaq Index and South Korea Composite Index have fallen below the quarterly line, but Taiwan stocks are still above the quarterly line and the half-year line, which is obviously stronger than them. Therefore, if the US stock market continues to fall, it is not ruled out that Taiwan stocks will follow suit Make up for the fall.

When the volume can shrink, and the best situation for the index is to sort out in the range of 14700-14300 points, funds will focus on low-priced, low-base period, and small and medium-sized stocks. As for biotech stocks that are less susceptible to the downturn in the economy, they will benefit from China in the short term. The epidemic has eased, and pharmaceutical stocks have risen a lot. Be careful of overheating. It is recommended that investors operate quickly in the short term to avoid injury. Beauty and surgery related products.

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