60 players from old baseball, little baseball and mature baseball played a mixed-age PK match and fought for victory together.

/ Provided by Taiwan Life

[Reporter Gao Jiahe/Taipei Report] Swing a healthy HOMERUN with a baseball!

Taiwan Life, a subsidiary of CITIC Financial Holdings, has long been promoting active aging and health promotion. This year (2022), it is the first time (2022) to hold a cross-generational exchange competition between old, middle-aged and young people with the Hongdao Welfare Foundation for the Elderly. Players started a mixed-age PK match, and the two teams worked hard on offense and defense to show their determination to win. It also made CITIC Brothers star Wu Zheyuan, who served as the starting pitcher, say that he seemed to be fighting for the championship.

The Bold Baseball Team, the Taichung Cheng Baseball Team and the Lixing Elementary School Junior Baseball Team gathered yesterday at Taichung Middle School 10 Stadium for the "Forgetting Years Exchange Competition". The 60 players were divided into red and white teams by lottery. Li Yurui, director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and Li Ruoqi, executive director of the Hongdao Foundation, kicked off the game together. Chairman Zheng Taike said with a smile that once he stood on the clay, he felt that all the young and passionate wild ball souls had returned. He also said that baseball is a sport regardless of gender. Making friends with golf can not only promote teamwork, but also hope that everyone can "live and move until old". Through cross-generational interaction, it can promote independent health management for all age groups. Director Li Yurui of the Taichung City Sports Bureau thanked Taiwan Life for its investment Introduce capital to let the sports industry develop vigorously in Taichung City.

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The age range of participants in the intergenerational exchange competition ranges from 9 to 88 years old, and the total age has reached the "Long Live Group". Wu Zheyuan, a CITIC Brothers player who won the "Most Improved Award" and "Pitcher's Golden Glove Award" in his career, started as a starting pitcher. Wu Zheyuan said that being able to play with a group of lovely grandparents is like interacting with his grandparents. Very relaxing and memorable fun experience.

Taiwan Life has fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, supported the Everlasting Baseball League for three consecutive years, assisted in the establishment of three new teams, held training camps for seed players, and the Everold Baseball Intercontinental Baseball Field Experience Day. Employees are also called on to serve as ball game volunteers to measure blood pressure and exercise protection for young players. In the future, they will continue to cooperate with the Hongdao Foundation and the Taichung Chengbai Team to use more diverse sports methods to jointly promote the activeness of the elderly and promote health.

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