The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs officially announced the results of the first phase of block development, and all 6 developers were on the list due to the same amount of competition.

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6 developers and 10 wind farms all entered the list

6 merchants selected for the first phase of block development to enter the market

[Reporters Lin Jinghua, Liao Jianing/Report from Taipei] The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the results of the first round of developer selection for block development yesterday. All six developers were on the list due to the "equal competition". A total of ten wind farms have been qualified, but they have development capacity It is estimated that only seven wind farms can be developed at most, and all industry players will be officially notified of the capacity to be developed before the end of the year; it is reported that more than half of the wind farms bid ○ yuan this time, breaking the market price, and even two It is still difficult to distinguish between the localization bonus items of wind farms. The order is determined by lottery, and the competition is fierce.

Intense competition and up to 7 wind farms can be developed

The Department of Energy announced the ranking of the ten wind farms including Miu Miu yesterday. The Haishuo wind farm, which had submitted the application at the beginning, was not included in the review list because it did not meet the qualifications.

The first round of grid connection will be in 2026 and 2027. Except for the three wind farms, most of the wind farms are "betting" on commercial transfer in 2027; officials said that if they fail to connect to the grid as scheduled, they will be opened according to the administrative contract. penalty.

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According to regulations, a single wind farm can develop a capacity of up to 600 MW. Corio, Tianfeng New Energy, and Hokuriku all applied for more than two (including) wind farms. Although there are ten wind farms that are qualified, only seven wind farms can be developed at most.

Officials emphasized that the first-round development volume is still subject to the 3GW upper limit in principle, so as to avoid affecting the rights and interests of developers in the next phase.

Will sell electricity enterprises, negotiate project financing

Since the rule is that the lowest price wins, followed by the competition for localization bonus projects, developers fought a price war, and more than half of the wind farms bid ○ yuan.

In the past, the wholesale price of offshore wind power was as high as five.

Five yuan was criticized as "expensive electricity", and the lowest bidding wind field was only two.

Two yuan, the bidding price is set at 0 to 2.

In the range of 49 yuan, most of the operators competed for the bid at 0 yuan.

In the past, developers and Taipower signed electricity purchase and sale contracts based on the wholesale price. If they do not want to lose 0 yuan to sell to Taipower, they must find companies that are willing to undertake large quantities of green electricity, such as TSMC and other large manufacturers in demand.

Although various costs continue to increase development costs, the unnamed developer said that he feels that the government has relaxed the penalty for localization, and will sign an administrative contract with the Energy Bureau as soon as possible, so that he can negotiate with enterprises on CPPA (Enterprise Power Purchase Contract), and further cooperate with the company. The banking industry launched project financing and obtained development funds.

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