U.S. stocks also rose after a modest increase in the number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits early last week indicated a cooling labor market.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the United States increased moderately last week, indicating that the labor market is cooling down, and the US stock market also rose accordingly.

According to comprehensive media reports, the U.S. Department of Labor announced on Thursday that the number of people who received unemployment benefits at the beginning of last week was 225,000, which was lower than expected, but showed a moderate increase. It is worth noting that the number of people who continued to receive unemployment benefits reached a 10-month high. It means that the labor market may cool down, and there is an opportunity to reduce the pressure on investors by the Fed's pace of interest rate hikes.

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On Friday, November's producer price index will be released, along with the University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index.

In terms of ADR of Taiwan stocks, TSMC ADR rose 1.97%, ASE ADR rose 1.20%, and UMC ADR rose 0.42%.

The Dow rose 183.56 points, or 0.55%, to close at 33,781.48.

The Nasdaq rose 123.45 points, or 1.13%, to close at 11,082.

The S&P 500 rose 29.59 points, or 0.75%, to close at 3963.51.

The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index rose 71.5 points, or 2.67%, to close at 2,744.7 points.

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