Since January 1, 2012, the age of majority in civil law has been revised from 20 years old to 18 years old. When you reach the age of 18, you will become an adult. In addition to deciding to rent a house, open a bank account, apply for a mobile phone number, etc., there are other places Taxes such as housing tax, land value tax and land value-added tax will also be affected. I will tell you the secrets of saving taxes in advance.

Tainan City Government Finance and Taxation Bureau stated that after the age of majority is lowered, the impact on personal local taxation is explained as follows:

Housing tax: 1.2% is applicable to the self-occupied housing of the person, spouse and minor children within 3 households nationwide Preferential tax rate, since 2012, houses under the name of adult children who have reached the age of 18 can be counted individually as the number of self-occupied houses.

Land value tax: Self-use residential land for self-use, spouse and minor dependent relatives shall be subject to a preferential tax rate of 2‰, limited to one site. From January 1, 2012, if other conditions are met, the second site can be planned If the real estate is registered by a child who has reached the age of 18, there is no restriction on one place, but remember to apply before September 22 of the current year, so that the land value tax of the current year can be applied.

Land value-added tax: If an individual sells residential land for self-use, if it has been applied once in a lifetime, if he wants to claim the 10% tax rate and one house for a lifetime, one of the requirements should meet the requirements of the land sale by himself or his spouse or minor children. Before, they had household registration in the place and held the self-use house for 6 consecutive years, but before the sale, the house was only established by the children or owned by the children. For adult children, the premises will not meet the conditions of one house for a lifetime.

The Bureau of Finance and Taxation reminds that from 2012 onwards, 18 years old is an adult. In addition to making young people more independent, fully understanding their rights and obligations to protect their own rights and interests is the first step towards adulthood.

(Advertisement from Tainan City Government Finance and Taxation Bureau)