Pengyi's revenue in November hit a record high in single-month revenue.

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[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] Puyi (6613), a major semiconductor and panel process supply system manufacturer, announced today that its consolidated revenue in November reached 1.076 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 72.07% and an annual increase of 61.16%, setting a record high in single-month revenue ; Consolidated revenue in the first 11 months reached 7.770 billion yuan, an annual increase of 44.56%.

Pengyi pointed out that benefiting from the strong demand for orders from customers in the semiconductor industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the company actively grasps the delivery date of raw material procurement and production schedules to speed up the progress of customer order confirmation, and drives its high-cleanliness chemical supply and packaging equipment system equipment, gas The sales of secondary distribution system orders and engineering services have been significantly boosted, and the revenue in November has reached a new high.

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Pengyi said that in the first 11 months of this year, the semiconductor and panel optoelectronic industries accounted for 81.66% and 10.39% of revenue respectively.

From the distribution of sales regions, Taiwan and China accounted for 42.10% and 52.04% of revenue in the first November of this year, compared with 38.18% and 58.92% in the same period last year, and the sales regions are developing in a balanced manner.

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