Zhishenke's revenue in November was 802 million yuan, and the annual growth rate of monthly revenue has been growing for 6 consecutive months.

The picture shows Lin Endao, chairman of Zhishenke.

(Provided by Zhishen Branch)

[Reporter Huang Haochen/Taipei Report] Zhishenke (4551), an automotive power and safety component factory, announced today that its revenue in November this year was 802 million yuan, a monthly increase of 9.43% and an annual increase of 3.42%. The combined revenue from January to November this year It was 8.541 billion yuan, an annual increase of 5.33%. Zhishenke said that although the Chinese government still adopts "dynamic clearing" to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the automobile industry chain and demand are still restricted by economic activities in various countries, but the company maintains a good business relationship with its major customers Under the strong pull of goods, it still contributed to the monthly and annual growth of revenue in November.

Zhishenke said that benefiting from the peak season of the traditional automobile industry in the fourth quarter, the automobile business has gradually recovered compared with the third quarter, especially the company's direct injection engine (GDI) and transmission system AT/CVT/DCT system For related key components, as brand car manufacturers increase their investment in new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicle technology, there is a trend of simultaneous demand growth. The revenue of Togozhi Shenke’s automotive business in November increased compared with the previous month; another medical product The momentum of shipments is mainly due to the rapid penetration of the market by customers, and the performance of pushing up the strength of the goods, both of which are driving forward. Under the headwind of the general environment, Zhishenke's single-month revenue is still paid out for 6 consecutive months. Growth rate is growing.

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According to EV-Volumes' latest report on electric vehicles, with supply chain shortages gradually easing and governments' net zero emissions targets unchanged, global electric vehicle shipments this year are estimated to reach 10.6 million units, an annual increase of 57%. Although high inflation may affect the willingness of some consumers to buy cars, with the improvement of the shortage of automobile chips and the reduction of geopolitical risks, the global electric vehicle shipments in 2023 will reach 13.88 million units, with an annual growth rate of 35%, and the penetration rate It has reached 16.3%, which helps the company's GDI and transmission system key components to continue to maintain good order visibility.

Zhishenke said that at present, it is also obvious that major customers are actively developing more technology upgrade products, especially in the fields of new energy and electric vehicles. Zhishenke has also increased development with customers, and has the opportunity to promote the company's key components The application of new energy and electric vehicles accounted for a further increase in the overall proportion of revenue.

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