In order to strengthen the prevention of financial fraud, the Financial Supervisory Commission requires banks to add relevant warnings in passbooks before March next year.

The picture shows Huang Tianmu, chairman of the FSC (file photo)

[Reporter Wang Menglun/Taipei Report] All kinds of financial frauds are becoming more and more rampant. Huang Tianmu, chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, went to the Legislative Yuan to report on the special case today. He emphasized that he will continue to urge financial institutions to improve prevention measures, including: "Requiring banks to Relevant warnings in passbooks”; “Addition of anti-fraud reminders or warnings in online banking and mobile banking must be completed before the end of December this year” and “Strengthening the control of virtual accounts provided by banks to third-party payment operators” are three major measures.

Huang Tianmu went to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Yuan today to give a special report on the theme of "blocking the flow of fraudulent funds, cross-ministerial governance integration, planning and implementation effectiveness review".

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Huang Tianmu said that combating fraud is an important government policy, and the Financial Supervisory Commission also regards financial institutions assisting law enforcement agencies in preventing financial crimes as an important financial supervision task.

Financial institutions are an important medium for the supply and demand of funds in the financial market. Therefore, financial institutions implement related measures such as preventing financial fraud to ensure the smooth operation of all legal economic and financial activities and strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers.

According to the report issued by the Financial Supervisory Commission, it will continue to urge financial institutions to strengthen the prevention of financial fraud. There are three major measures: 1. Require banks to add relevant warnings in passbooks: The Financial Supervisory Commission sent a letter to the Association of Banks on November 16 this year Inform the member banks to complete the warning in an appropriate manner before the end of March next year to remind customers of the legal responsibilities involved in the head account.

In addition, the Financial Supervisory Commission also asked the Association of Banks to consider adding warnings to passbooks and include them in the "Prevention Account Model", so that member banks can follow them.

2. The bank has now added warnings on the transfer pages of online banking and mobile banking. The Association has requested banks to add anti-fraud reminders or warnings outside the transfer page before the end of December 2011, and enlarge the warnings. Chinese characters may be prompted in different colors and bold.

3. Strengthen the control of banks providing virtual account services to third-party payment providers: The Financial Supervisory Commission recently conducted financial inspections on domestic banks and found that third-party payment service providers used virtual account services to collect suspected fraudulent funds. On March 19, the third-party payment service providers were referred to the Digital Development Department for their reference to suspected money laundering transactions.

In addition, the Financial Regulatory Commission has asked the Association of Banks to discuss the establishment of abnormal transaction patterns of third-party payment companies and their sellers. The Association of Banks has compiled relevant abnormal signs or patterns to financial institutions on November 7 this year, and incorporated them into internal regulations to strengthen control Tube.

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