The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmytro Peskov, said that the draft


defense budget has an "unprecedentedly confrontational character" in relation to Russia.   

This is reported by the propaganda media of the RFI. 

"This adopted document is of an "extremely confrontational nature" in relation to our country. An unprecedented confrontational nature, which, of course, threatens with quite serious and long-lasting consequences for the further destabilization of the situation on the European continent," Peskov said. 

The draft US defense budget for 2023

The Senate of the US Congress approved the draft defense budget of $847.3 billion for the next year.

The project includes $800 million in military

aid to Ukraine.

Congressmen and senators must vote on the agreed document, after which it will be signed by President Joe Biden.

The project also provides for the allocation of $6 billion to contain Russia in Europe.

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