The U.S. dollar rebounded, and the New Taiwan dollar depreciated along with the Asian currencies. It temporarily closed at 30.58 yuan at noon (photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] A number of U.S. data outperformed expectations and led to a rebound in the U.S. dollar. In addition, Taiwan’s stock market rose and took a break. At 30.58 yuan, a depreciation of 1.25 cents, the turnover of Taipei foreign exchange brokerage companies was 718 million US dollars.

U.S. service industry data unexpectedly rose, the four major U.S. indexes closed in the dark, and the Nasdaq fell nearly 2%.

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Taiwan stocks retreated and corrected, and the rise in the exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar also temporarily stopped. In addition to the slight increase in the FOB price of the RMB, the major Asian currencies, such as the Korean won and the Japanese yen, all turned to depreciation. The yen weakened back to 136.8 per dollar.

Foreign exchange traders pointed out that the focus of the market is still on the Federal Reserve's December interest rate decision, especially the November inflation rate data will be released this week, and the quality of the data will still drive the performance of the financial market.

Cai Jiongmin, director of the Central Bank's Foreign Exchange Bureau, also said yesterday that it is hard to say whether the dollar has reached its peak, depending on the direction of the US monetary policy, and the performance of inflation is particularly critical.

Cai Jiongmin said that although Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has released the message that interest rate hikes in December will be slowed down, where is the end point for interest rates to rise?

It is still unclear. If, as the market expects, the high point of the target interest rate is quite close, and even a reversal will occur in the second half of next year, the U.S. dollar index should fall to the top. However, if the U.S. inflation rate remains high, the U.S. dollar will still There is strength to support.

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