Dianjin Chuan pulled back, the intraday index fell more than 100 points and fell to 14,900 points (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes fell across the board on Monday. Taiwan stocks fell in the three major groups of electronics, finance, and mass production.

Cai Minghan, the manager of Cathay Pacific Securities Consulting Office, said that the international stock market rose sharply in November and entered into a shock consolidation in December, but the pullback was not large, while the performance of Taiwan stocks was relatively strong in this wave. Then the volume will shrink, and the index will enter a high-end order under the condition that the price and volume remain strong.

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He further pointed out that the current market is mainly waiting to see how many yards the Fed will raise interest rates next week. Although the employment data released recently is good, the market is worried that the Fed will actively raise interest rates. According to the news, the general consensus in the market is to increase by 2 sizes.

If there is no accident, it means that the 3 yards of interest rate hikes will end in November, and starting next year, the rate hike may fall to 1 yards, which will help the continuous return of funds.

Therefore, in terms of operation, it is recommended that investors should think in the long-term. Since the first three quarters of this year, the electronic stocks fell the most. Therefore, the rebound in November, the electronic stocks also rose relatively more, because the short-term index will enter the high-end To sort it out, if the market is going to go up, it is expected that semiconductors will still play an important role. Therefore, in terms of stock selection, it is recommended to focus on electronics, supplemented by finance, and in electronics stocks, mid-upstream semiconductors that have fallen deeply are better than downstream groups.

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