The nuclear-one dry storage facility was opposed by the local government and has not yet been put into use.

(Photo by reporter Lin Jinghua, file photo)

[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Taipei Report] The Taipower labor union recently sent a letter suggesting that the power generation operation of the second and third nuclear power plants be extended. Taipower explained that the content of the letter was a temporary motion of some members in the internal meeting of the labor union, which was an exchange of opinions among employees. Taipower respects.

However, Taipower reiterated that the nuclear power units currently in operation at the second and third nuclear plants have exceeded the statutory extension application period. conditions of.

Taipower stated that, taking Unit 1 of the No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant as an example, it could have operated until December 2021, when it will be decommissioned. However, the New Taipei City Government has not yet approved the "Runoff Wastewater Pollution Reduction Plan", making it impossible to construct dry storage facilities. Therefore, the spent nuclear fuel cannot exit the reactor to refill the fuel and continue to operate until the expiration of the service period, and it will be shut down early in July 2021.

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Both nuclear power plant No. 2 and nuclear power plant No. 3 have exceeded the application deadlines for extension of service according to regulations, and the Pingtung County Government has publicly opposed the extension of nuclear power plant No. 3.

Taipower pointed out that in the use of nuclear energy, the support of the local government is very important, because the used nuclear fuel cannot be disposed of at this stage, which even makes it difficult for some units to be decommissioned when they reach their age, let alone postponed.

Taipower stated that it respects the opinions of trade union members on stable power supply, and Taipower will continue to communicate with the trade union about its actions related to stable power supply.

In order to ensure a stable power supply, Taipower will strive to make the existing operating nuclear energy units operate safely until the 40-year license expires. It is not a hasty abolition of nuclear power. At the same time, it will accelerate the construction of low-carbon gas-fired units and continue to assist the development of renewable energy to achieve my country's energy transformation. Target.

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