Zhuo Wenheng (left), chairman of Shanghai Bank, said that this year's performance of Shanghai Bank is expected to be better than last year, and the year-end bonus red envelope will also exceed last year, which is estimated to be 2 to 9 months old.

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[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Taipei Report] Zhuo Wenheng, chairman of Shangyin (2049), a major transmission system component manufacturer, said today (3rd) that under the influence of the epidemic, Shangyin Group still decided to suspend the tail gear this year. The performance is expected to be better than last year, so the year-end bonus red envelope will also surpass last year, which is estimated to be at the level of 2 to 9 months.

Zhuo Wenheng mentioned that due to the influence of China's lockdown and conservative Christmas holidays in Europe and the United States, it is difficult to surpass the performance of the third quarter in the fourth quarter. However, overall performance in the first half of this year is strong, and the annual performance can still be better than last year.

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Zhuo Wenheng remains conservative and pessimistic about the outlook for next year's prosperity. He said that although China's lockdown should be loosened, which will help the Chinese market to stabilize next year, there is still no sign of recovery and rebound. This year is flat.

As for the Machinery Association’s recent belief that Chunyan will arrive in the second season of next year, Zhuo Wenheng said that it is indeed possible to observe the TIMTOS “Taipei International Machine Tool Show” that will debut in March next year. Prosperity of the machinery industry.

In addition, Taiwan has also followed the global footsteps into the post-epidemic era. Zhuo Wenheng said that because the group has thousands of employees, it is still decided to suspend the final teeth this year, which is the third year.

However, they are not afraid of headwinds in the global economy. Many industries have already encouraged vacations and prevented unpaid leave. Shanghai Bank’s year-end bonus red envelopes will still be distributed. Zhuo Wenheng pointed out that because this year’s performance will be better than last year, the year-end bonus is also “this year is better than last year. Good”; Shanghai Bank’s year-end bonus was 1-8 months last year, and it is expected to be 2-9 months this year, which is still a leading indicator in the industry.

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