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There will and must be an increase in interest rates on loans.

It is not possible for inflation that is closer to 20% to go with interest rates around 0%.

This was commented by former Economy Minister Nikolay Vassilev

Nikolay Vassilev Vassilev is a Bulgarian politician from the National Movement "Simeon in the program "Offensive" on NOVANEWS.

"It is only a matter of time before interest rates on loans rise much more than at the moment.

According to Vassilev

, the interest rates should have brought inflation closer to economic criteria alone .

If inflation is like this, loans will be several times more expensive.

Interest rates are much lower than inflation

Regarding the minimum wage, he said that it is good to raise it, but to BGN 800, not BGN 850. He also does not approve of the formula according to which the minimum wage is half of the average.

"Imagine what would happen in Northwestern Bulgaria, for example.

It will turn out that the minimum wage is equal to the average," Vasilev said.

He rejects the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking out loans to meet social security payments.

"1-2 years can happen.

After that, either our taxes will be raised dramatically, or the currency board will explode," Vassilev said.

Nikolay Vassilev

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