In the winter of 2022, players from all over the world will gather in Qatar, ready to show off their skills, and fans all over the world are also preparing for this grand event in front of the TV.

Invite friends and companions, hold a glass of beer, don't miss every game of your supported team, and cheer for the teams of various countries!

For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Budweiser, a variety of FIFA World Football co-authorized gifts are waiting for you to collect points to collect!

The official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, "Budweiser Beer Budweiser" and the FIFA World Cup, jointly launched a limited number of joint authorized gifts, a variety of "officially designated beer Budweiser XFIFA joint authorized items" for fans to collect points to redeem.

Drink Budweiser with the game, collect points to "wear" your football spirit, the more you collect, the more you change.

If you want to show your football fanaticism, how can you only wear the national team jersey?

Let the Budweiser XFIFA joint authorized items perfectly show your World Football spirit!

During this season, Budweiser XFIFA jointly launched four types of gifts including authorized backpacks, ball caps, cylinder bags, and classic T-shirts. They are all from head to toe. It is to create your football fashion, watch football games with passion, wear Don't be sloppy, don't let go of small details, just want your every move to be world-class!

The classic red and white color scheme is more fashionable, and the rate of return is 100%.

During the event, purchase designated Budweiser beer products at major channels, scan the QR code on the tab and the top of the bottle cap, and download Budweiser's "ABInBev" app to become a member, and you can start accumulating points.

Collect the specified points to redeem various eye-catching Budweiser XFIFA co-authorized gifts.

The sooner you gather points, the sooner you start enjoying!

At the same time, Budweiser also launched Budweiser aluminum bottles with special styles for eight countries during the FIFA World Cup, showing the characteristics of each country. Whether you are a one-day football fan or a die-hard football fan, you must not miss it.

Now Carrefour has launched a limited edition eight-country aluminum bottle gift box, which includes Budweiser aluminum bottles and Budweiser XFIFA aluminum cups. If you miss it and wait for another four years, it is very valuable for collection. It is suitable for gifts and collections.