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According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, reported by the ANKA agency, in October 2022 Turkey was visited by 767,814 Russian tourists, while in the same month of 2021 their number was 905,379, i.e.

by 15.1 percent more.   

At the same time, a growth in the total number of visits by foreign tourists is reported.

4,803,198 foreigners visited the country in the month of October, or 38.36 percent more compared to the same period of 2021.

Antalya is in first place in terms of tourist visits - 1,661,000 people.

It is followed by Istanbul with 1,584,000 tourists.

In terms of the number of visits by foreign tourists to Turkey, Bulgaria is in fourth place.

First is Russia, followed by Germany and Great Britain. 

Turkey expects to exceed its tourism targets for this year

However, Germany takes the first place in terms of the number of visits in the period January - October of this year.

A total of 5,274,045 German tourists have visited Turkey since the beginning of this year.


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