Taipei City's electric buses solve the crisis of difficult roads through off-peak hours.

(Photo by reporter Lin Jinghua, file photo)

[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Taipei Report] Taipei City responded to the central government's electric bus policy. Mayor Ke Wenzhe issued a check for the policy of reaching 400 electric buses on the road by the end of the year. Previously, the passenger charging station was within the scope of the Songhu Substation, and power supply was not available. In the end, Taipower "conditionally" approved the supply, and provided power during off-peak hours from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am, and the crisis was resolved.

Taipei City has put 336 electric buses on the road as of the end of September, but Ke Wenzhe's goal is to reach 400 by the end of the year.

Legislator Lin Yihua asked Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua in the Legislative Yuan a few days ago about the power supply problem of electric buses in Beishi. Taipower was unwilling to give more than 1000KW because of insufficient power supply.

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Wang Meihua said at the moment that there is no problem with electricity, and it has been solved through charging time. However, in the long run, because the passenger station is in Songshan and Neihu areas, new substation facilities are still needed to solve the problem.

If the time goes back to the first half of this year, the four stations of the three operators, including Metropolitan Bus Minsheng New Station, Taipei Bus Minsheng New Station, Capital Bus Ankang Maintenance Station, and Capital Bus Ankang Station, are actually unable to smoothly charge electric buses on the road. , The industry is also dissatisfied that the electric bus can only be idle.

The reason is that the four sites happen to be located in the Songhu area. The industry applied for more than 1,000KW of electricity. Taipower could not agree because the utilization rate of the substation in the area was almost saturated, and there was no way to build the Songhu substation. .

After several rounds of coordination, the operator lowered the contracted capacity and changed to charging during off-peak hours.

The Capital Bus Ankang Station and Maintenance Station completed power transmission at the end of September. In addition, Metropolitan Bus Minsheng New Station and Taipei Bus Minsheng New Station also completed power transmission at the beginning of this month; , Passenger charging stations must give priority to power outages.

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