Britain's financial aid will be used to provide emergency relief for 15 million Afghans facing food insecurity this winter.

(European News Agency)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The United Kingdom decided to donate about 28 million US dollars (about 900 million New Taiwan dollars) of emergency funds to Afghanistan before the winter.

The U.N.'s World Food Program has welcomed a $28.8 million donation from the U.K., saying the funds will be used for WFP's emergency relief for 15 million Afghans facing food insecurity this winter.

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More than a year after foreign powers withdrew and the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the country's economy is shrinking, development aid and assets are frozen, and the country faces the risk of its worst famine in 20 years.

Economists believe humanitarian aid will be useful for Afghan citizens in the short term, but will not reduce poverty in the country, Tolo News reported.

Humanitarian aid is of no help, as funds are always being consumed and cannot prevent poverty in the country.

The Taliban's deputy economic minister welcomed the UK's humanitarian aid and asked the international community to increase aid to Afghanistan.

According to the World Bank, Afghanistan's real GDP will contract further in 2022, with a cumulative decline of nearly 30% to 35% between 2021 and 2022, before turning to low growth in the next two years, estimated at about 2.0% to 2.4%, and per capita income no improvement.

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