At the moment, the National Bank sees no reason to change its position regarding the fixed exchange rate of

the hryvnia

to the dollar, so this policy will continue.

This was reported by the press service of the NBU.

"At the moment, the National Bank does not see the need for an additional exchange rate adjustment. At the same time, there are currently no proper prerequisites for returning to a floating exchange rate," the message says.

It is noted that decisions on the regulation of the foreign exchange market during martial law are aimed at ensuring a balance between promoting economic activity and preventing unproductive capital outflows.

According to the NBU, the exchange rate fixation made it possible to maintain macroeconomic stability and controllability of the price situation, and currency restrictions - to ensure the critical needs of the economy without significant damage to the currency market.

We will remind you that 

on May 21, the National Bank of Ukraine canceled the restrictions on setting the exchange rate at which banks can sell cash foreign currency to clients. 

If earlier the exchange rate should not have deviated from the official rate by more than 10%, now we are talking about the market rate.

Similar restrictions on setting the exchange rate, according to which banks deduct funds in hryvnias from clients' accounts, if clients pay with hryvnia cards abroad, have also been canceled.

Earlier it became known that the 

National Bank of Ukraine will maintain a fixed exchange rate until it sees that the advantages of this fixation exceed the disadvantages of such an exchange rate regime.

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