The hard days are here again!

Innolux encourages employees to take time off, and senior executives will take a pay cut from October 1.

(Photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] As the panel market situation still needs to be managed step by step, the panel factory strictly controls the output and inventory. Innolux (3481) stated that in response to the company's production capacity adjustment and taking care of the physical and mental health of employees, employees are encouraged to freely adjust the number of vacation hours, but refuted It is rumored that the three-day week off is implemented, and it is also announced that from October 1st, senior executives will voluntarily reduce their capital by 5-15%.

European and American countries have raised interest rates to combat inflation, which has affected the consumption momentum of 3C products. Recently, the electronics industry has begun to tighten their belts from top to bottom. Except for TSMC (2330), which encourages employees to take more vacations, Innolux recently launched a second Bo's "charging plan encourages vacation plan", hoping that employees will take the Christmas holiday at the end of the year, 3 consecutive days off from December 23, 4 consecutive days off from December 30 before New Year's Day, and from January 20 to January during the Spring Festival 10 days off on the 29th.

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At the same time, based on sustainable operation, safeguarding shareholders' rights and interests, and allowing employees to work with peace of mind, the senior executives of Innolux will voluntarily reduce their salaries from October 1, overcoming challenges and weathering the storm with a duty-bound attitude.

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