American people ride the Daiyu SOLE Fitness flywheel and wear VR glasses to overlook the beautiful scenery all over Taiwan.

(Provided by the Trade Association)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Taipei Report] The "2022 US-Taiwan Image Exhibition" hosted by the Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Foreign Trade Association for the first time was successfully concluded on the 14th local time at the Reagan Building Convention and Exhibition Center in Washington, DC, attracting more than 8,300 people in 3 days.

During the exhibition, Taiwan's expertise in various fields of technology and culture was displayed. Many buyers negotiated cooperation and signed MOU directly. Many exhibitors also found opportunities to form alliances with each other.

The trade association pointed out that the exhibition attracted more than 8,300 people in three days. The visitors included government officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Commerce, Defense, and Health. National Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine attended the exhibition.

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In terms of electric vehicle technology, Virginia state legislators and members of the Friends of Taiwan Group visited and were interested in the lithium titanate battery equipment exhibited by Gus Technology.

Gus said that the United States emphasizes policies such as local production and self-built battery supply chains. At present, Chinese-made batteries are not favored in the United States, while Taiwan's batteries are very competitive in terms of safety, battery life and energy density. Virginia The state legislator specially invited the businessman to negotiate, laying the foundation for future cooperation in the battery industry between Taiwan and the United States.

TAITRA also assisted the Canadian start-up company L, which was unable to attend, to conduct a video conference with LITE-ON. The L-business was planning a charging station plan and had a great conversation with LITE-ON. The two parties will discuss the cooperation plan in the future.

Shared scooters and bicycles are very popular in the United States. The electric bicycles exhibited by BESV provide a smart kinetic energy electric assist mode and a one-button instant acceleration mode to cope with different terrains. Many people take the initiative to inquire and hope to buy them as soon as possible.

In terms of medical technology, the local Children's National Hospital came to visit the exhibition. The hospital focuses on pediatric oncology and ICU intensive care, but its care system only has the function of physiological monitoring. In the future, the hospital's medical information system can be integrated. In addition, the Proton Center of Peking Medicine can greatly improve the precision treatment of children's tumors, and will continue to communicate and cooperate in the future.

The U.S. Department of Defense stated before dispatching that the portable X-ray machine displayed by Latham Optoelectronics is suitable for field medical use, and can be referred to the procurement department of military hospitals in the future.

Officials from the U.S. national health department revealed that they want to cooperate with Beijing Medical University to build a public health big data system for local Chinese in the United States, so as to improve the quality of Chinese public health in the United States.

Xiao Meiqin, the ambassador of the representative office in the United States, visited the exhibition for two consecutive days.

(Provided by the Trade Association)

Yishou Technology will not only cooperate with the Mayo Clinic of the American Mayo Clinic to optimize the medical information system, but also obtain the cooperation demand from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and the two parties will continue to negotiate.

In terms of sports business opportunities for Taiwanese products, Zuozhen Smart Glasses also negotiated with buyers who came from Texas, and completed the development and cooperation signing of the next-generation smart glasses.

The microdisplay displayed by WiseChip can instantly display exercise heartbeat and blood oxygen data on bicycle goggles and swimming pool mirrors. New York buyers have already negotiated.

For the first time, Juyang Industrial displayed EMS hip pants in the United States, attracting a large New York garment factory to sign the MOU immediately. There are also functional apparel buyers who experience the product and hope to immediately introduce it into the American market. It is obvious that Taiwan's smart apparel is very competitive. The US market has high sales potential.

Exhibitors also found opportunities to form alliances with each other. Considering that the changes brought about by smart sportswear cannot be observed with the naked eye, Juyang Industry and Zhijing Optoelectronics discussed that the display can be used to display sports data, which can more clearly feel the effect of smart clothing. Variety.

It is also worth mentioning that this exhibition will open with a performance of "Beautiful Island - Taiwan" at the Bell Dance Theater, presenting Taiwan's strong vitality, the beauty of the island, and the intentions of "Technology Taiwan, World Taiwan". His skills also amazed the audience.

The Taiwan Cultural Center organized by the Cultural Federation displayed various props and experiences of temple fair cultural performances, which made visitors admire the splendor and diversity of Taiwanese culture.

The craft center exhibited the handicraft works of Taiwanese designers and provided hand-made experience activities, and successfully received customized orders on the spot.

The tourist hall can not only experience the beauty of calligraphy, but also taste the good tea from Taiwan's high mountains. The crowds of visitors are endless, and many people even want to visit Taiwan.

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