Six months ago, we planned to expand our coverage, increase our team and upgrade our facilities.

- Vyacheslav Mishalov, co-founder of one of the top-5 largest Internet providers "Fregat", news portal "Informator" and managing partner of the plant "Dnepropress Steel" speaks.

- And today, our engineers are adjusting drones on the front line, tanks are detecting firing positions, and a news editor is knocking out enemy tanks.

Our specialists are on the front lines adjusting drones, adjusting attacks and transmitting intelligence

Volodymyr, our top manager, today monitors any enemy movements on the borders within the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Kharkiv, and Donetsk regions.

It combines video surveillance from drones, cameras and mobile complexes into a single information space for management and fire damage of various units of the Armed Forces.

This is more than 30 days of monitoring and more than 250 military cameras!

Andriy, the CEO of the service company, is on the front lines configuring drones and training the military to work with them.

And is also responsible for the transmission of intelligence received from drones to the headquarters.

Serhii, an engineer in peaceful life, is now a telegraph operator.

The connection between defenders and headquarters for operational command and maneuver depends on him.

Evgeny, a talented IT administrator, is now a communications officer in the Armed Forces, and also a driver of the "cargo 200"...

He is the one who finds the right words for the relatives of the fallen defenders.

The videographer bandages the wounded, and the news editor fires at the damage

The editor of the news portal "Informator" Yehor is now a grenade launcher of the legendary "Cold Yar" and a participant in the same offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Izyum direction.

For 5 months, the guys from the 93rd OMBr held the defense there.

For reinforcements, provisions and medicine, they walked through the "valley of death" - a 2.5 km minefield.

Yehor's life was saved during one powerful enemy shelling by an old oak tree, which took on 99% of the debris.

Yehor says that the Russian Federation is in a panic.

They shell the positions only for "reporting" and immediately run away so as not to receive an "answer".

For example, near Izyum, instead of the headquarters of the Armed Forces, they crushed... a cemetery.

And the chief videographer of "Informator" Andriy - after voluntary mobilization, he became a nurse in the trauma department of a military hospital.

Every day, he makes 30-50 bandages for injured defenders.

For the entire time, this is almost 4,000 soldiers!

The engineer won a combat vehicle, and the manager fires grenade launchers

Fedir is a communication construction engineer of the Internet provider "Fregati", now he is an artilleryman.

The other day he and his comrades won the enemy Grad (BM-21)!

Valentyn from the team of rapid response and restoration of damaged lines at "Fregat" is a volunteer in the TrO.

Already several times at the entrance to the city, he found suspicious persons with weapons.

Yaroslav, one of our leaders, is now a driver-shooter.

He provides transport logistics, fires grenade launchers, and in his free time prepares pike soup from the local river for his brothers :)

It was a real hell for the boys in August - the enemy worked 20 hours a day.

But they persevered and even beat the occupier quite a bit!

He says that the enemy is very scared.

And when the "LNR/DNR people" are captured, they immediately shout: "Don't shoot, we are also Ukrainians!"