A number of Chinese companies signed seven memorandums of cooperation with GE, Intel, RingCentral and other U.S. companies in Washington, USA today (13th).

(Provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs)

[Reporter Liao Jianing/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Economic Affairs' visit to the United States added another highlight!

Chinese companies Hanxiang, Taipower, Yunda, HTC, Lengyan Technology, Edgecore Technology signed 7 memorandums of cooperation with GE, Intel, RingCentral and other American companies in Washington, USA today (13th), to seize renewable energy and 5G high-tech. Advanced technology business opportunities such as technology communication.

Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua witnessed the signing ceremony, and both Jiang Wenruo of the Trade Bureau and Venkataraman, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, attended the ceremony.

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Wang Meihua and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo held a video conference on December 7 last year, announcing the joint establishment of the Taiwan-U.S. Technology Trade and Investment Collaboration (TTIC) framework, which aims to promote Taiwan-U.S. Bilateral trade, investment and industrial cooperation will jointly leverage the complementary and mutually beneficial advantages of the supply chain and continue to maintain a leading position in the future global industrial arena.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs pointed out that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is mostly related to carbon reduction and 5G communication, which shows the willingness of Taiwan and the United States to deepen the partnership, and also brings broader prospects for Taiwan-US cooperation.

In terms of renewable energy cooperation, American business GE has cooperated with Hanxiang Company and Taipower respectively. GE assisted Hanxiang to establish a "localized maintenance service" for gas turbine fast generating units in Taiwan, and also established a 2050 net-zero carbon emission with Taipower. Target strategic partnership and deepen the follow-up cooperation between the two parties.

In terms of cooperation in the 5G field, Taiwan's information and communication companies have abundant hardware design and manufacturing capabilities. Combining the software, services and brand advantages that the United States is good at, Taiwan and American manufacturers have established a solid foundation for cooperation in the information and communication industry.

Among them, 4 groups including QCT and Intel, HTC and Lumen Technologies, RingCentral and HTC and Edgecore will jointly develop and strive for 5G private network in smart manufacturing and entertainment exhibitions. and healthcare opportunities.

In addition, American company DuPont provides key ceramic materials to assist TMYTEK in developing millimeter-wave antennas and laying out business opportunities for low-orbit satellites.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that it will continue to promote the complementary advantages of Taiwan and the United States manufacturers, promote the diversification of the 5G supply chain, and assist Taiwan and the United States manufacturers to jointly strive for international 5G and broadband infrastructure business opportunities.

Wang Meihua said that under the volatile international situation, supply chain resilience and security have received much attention. Under the changing situation, the cooperation between Taiwan and the United States has become closer. She hopes to deepen industrial cooperation, enhance each other's advantages, and jointly expand under the framework of the MOU. map of the international market.

In addition, Taiwan and the United States will continue to strengthen bilateral relations on the basis of common concepts and interests.

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