The Quanlian Welfare Center's "Love Starts from 1" change donation activity in the fourth quarter has joined hands with the Lixin Social Welfare Foundation, a consortium legal person, to help domestic abuse children realize their dream of schooling with "Love, Start from 1".

(provided by Quanlian)

[Reporter Yang Yamin/Taipei Report] Quanlian Welfare Center's "Love starts from 1" change donation activity in the fourth quarter and the consortium Lixin Social Welfare Foundation work together to help domestic abuse children with "Love starts from 1". A dream come true.

"Lixin Domestic Violence Children and Children Education Program" fundraising event and invited Chen Handian as a public welfare ambassador, and together with the Quanlian Welfare Center and the Quanlian Peihua Dream Social Welfare Foundation, jointly appealed to the public to donate change or PX Pay points .

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From now on, PX TV of the All-Union Welfare Center in Taiwan will broadcast Chen Handian's charity video, and display posters and brochures at the storefront.

Liu Hongzheng, Associate Marketing Department of the All-China Federation, said that in this "Lixin Domestic Violence Children and Children's Educational Aid Program", he hopes to invite the public to spend money on hand while making daily consumption through the appeal of Charity Ambassador Chen Handian, or make donations through online credit cards and mobile phones. PX Pay donated welfare points to support "one dream of going to school, helping students to abuse children", making Quanlian a real "public welfare store".

Cai Yaxuan, executive director of the All-China Peihua Dream Social Welfare Foundation, also said that the public is invited to respond to the event, use one piece to turn the fate of children and children, and provide the care needed by disadvantaged children and teenagers. The ranks of the children of adversity.

Quanlian also took the lead in donating 10 million welfare points (equivalent to 1 million yuan in cash) to warm up the fund-raising activities, and invited the public to use change to make love in Quanlian stores across the province, and the public donation amount will also be donated in full. Xin Foundation.

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