In Ukraine, almost 90% of residential buildings and heating networks are ready for the heating season.

This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal during the government meeting.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the completion of preparations for the heating season is the number one task for the government.

"Currently, the state of readiness of residential buildings and heating networks is estimated at almost 90%, and in the near future we will approach the indicator of

100% in those regions where there are currently no active hostilities

," he said.

Shmyhal once again warned citizens that this heating season will be the

most difficult in the history of Ukraine


He assured that during the past six months, the Cabinet of Ministers conducted daily preparations in three major directions in order to get through this winter stably.

"The first direction is the accumulation of resources necessary for the heating season. We currently have almost 14 billion cubic meters of gas

in our underground gas storages

. We also count on additional volumes of

imported gas

from our partners. We talked about this with the

USA, Great Britain, and Norway

. Regarding


: have

accumulated about

2 million tons

. By the start of the heating season, we will fill all existing warehouses in Ukraine," says Shmyhal.

The prime minister called wood

an additional resource in this heating season


The government has already allocated UAH 562 million in subventions for the purchase of wood to regional military administrations.

This is primarily about the regions adjacent to the combat zone.

"Thanks to the work of our nuclear power plants, we have a sufficient resource to provide the country with electricity. At the same time, integration into the European energy system ENTSO-E allows Ukraine to receive help from European partners if necessary," the head of government added.

Ukraine and Western partners continue to emphasize the importance of demilitarization of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Shmyhal explained that Ukraine will be able to provide itself with electricity from the ZNPP and even export it to Europe.


Without the ZNPP , the energy system of Ukraine will operate at

maximum load

in the winter

. But each of us can contribute to the country's energy sustainability. For example, shift the maximum consumption of electricity to night hours," concluded the Prime Minister.

We would like to remind you that the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the circle of persons who are entitled to a subsidy.

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