Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Yongsheng, Hi-Q China Ocean Biotechnology has not only delivered a beautiful report card in terms of revenue, but also won the double honor of the Outstanding Biotechnology Industry Gold Award and the 4th Brand Golden Ship Award this year.

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has made the world deeply aware of the importance of the biotechnology industry, and it is expected to become another soft power of Taiwan after semiconductor technology. important issues for technology companies.

As the leading brand of small molecule fucoidan in Taiwan, Hi-Q China Marine Biotechnology has also entered the field of pet health care products and healthy food in recent years, in addition to the original breeding and human medical care. Despite the impact of dereliction of duty and the impact of the external epidemic, the company's operations are booming under the personal supervision of Chairman Zhang Yongsheng's return to the front line. This year, it has won the Gold Award for Outstanding Biotechnology Industry and the 4th Brand Golden Ship Award. What has not changed is the insistence on "kindness".

At the end of August, Zhang Yongsheng, who had just returned from a long swim in the Penghu sea with his company team, spoke in addition to the calm and gentle demeanor of the elderly, but also made people feel full of vitality.

Rapid retirement, middle-aged entrepreneurship, and kindness to fulfill the ocean dream

"My mother once said, 'If you have quantity, you will be blessed', and this sentence deeply influenced me." Zhang Yongsheng's lifelong pursuit of the "kindness" spirit originated from his mother's example and teaching. He has the personality of knowing good fortune and cherishing good fortune, being grateful for introspection and having the courage to take responsibility.

After graduating from Haida, Zhang Yongsheng did not become a sailor, but chose to join Tak Kee Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. from the grassroots business, and became the chairman and general manager all the way, and many brands have successfully established a firm foothold in Taiwan, but the brand agent is after all. As a wedding dress, when the business is stable, it is common for the agency to be taken back. "It's like watching a child that I raised with my own hands and being taken back. It's really reluctant to give up." It also made him determined to create his own brand. The feelings and efforts invested in it continue.

Outsiders may seem reckless and hurried, but Zhang Yongsheng knows that what he wants to do is not only his own health brand, but also to go out of Taiwan and go international, from his all-powerful consumer goods market to the completely unfamiliar "fish" field, he decided to Fulfilling the promise of starting a business together with Xie Qinghui, an old classmate of Ocean University, adhering to the concept of "raising water first, then raising fish", developing an environment-friendly "ERAS Ecological Circulation Culture System" and a special bait formula added with fucoidan. Everyone can eat it, and at the same time let these fish that eat special bait "go to the gym every day" in the breeding pond that simulates natural water flow, and even reject the invitation of foreign technology transplantation, just to keep the patented breeding techniques in Taiwan and practice "kindness" "idea.

After the personnel changes, Zhang Yongsheng returned to the front line to personally supervise the army, and cultivated not only the brand and the market, but also the relationship with the team.

From breeding to biotechnology, good ideas achieve transformation opportunities

From breeding to biotechnology, the difficulty of transformation is not a little bit, and all the opportunities are closely related to this "kindness".

"If the fish grows well, we go to learn from nature, simulate the growth environment of fish, and find that fish not only eat fish and shrimp! They also eat algae, so we will study it" Zhang Yongsheng still covered this process. Unceasingly excited, Hi-Q discovered the benefits of fucoidan ingredients on organisms through its own experience and the research results of the Aquatic Products Laboratory, which also made Zhang Yongsheng decide to promote the ingredients of fucoidan through technological transfer.

The process from technology transfer, animal testing to clinical human blindness is easy to say, but Zhang Yongsheng led the team for a whole ten years. In order to obtain professional recognition for health products, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money and cooperate with a number of medical authoritative centers. Human clinical research, relying on precise vision and insisting on quality, makes Hi-Q step by step to become the industry-leading brand of small molecule fucoidan in Taiwan.

Hit by the epidemic in the past two years, the performance of Hi-Q Restaurant has dropped sharply, but the crisis is also a turning point. Hi-Q immediately turned healthy and good fish into delicious frozen food packages, established a new brand of glutinous food, and established a HACCP approved The certified central kitchen allows people to eat safely and healthily, and is favored by many chain organic fresh food supermarkets, successfully expanding a new territory for the brand's health business.

In the face of the epidemic, Hi-Q turned the crisis into a turning point and turned the good fish into conditioning packs. Zhang Yongsheng more enthusiastically recommended his favorite flavors, and his words were full of pride.

The team is most important in adhering to the right path to create a good cycle of the enterprise

Corporate governance cannot be limited to the accelerator, and the brakes must be in place while sprinting. It has been 24 years since he started his business, and Zhang Yongsheng said with a smile that of course he will make mistakes, but no matter what he does, he should be based on kindness and integrity. , The serious negligence and personnel changes of senior managers in the past two years have made him deeply realize that this "trust and kindness" also requires trade-offs.

"Almost the biggest blow in my life," he admitted, but he didn't have time to be negative, and he was on the front line again after a long absence. He worked together with the new team to successfully get the company back on the right track, and the revenue also hit a new high. This not only It is a simple company crisis management, and for Zhang Yongsheng, it is the rebirth of his own nirvana.

"I am very sad, I feel sorry for the shareholders and colleagues who trusted me, but from another point of view, it is also my luck to find out before things become more serious, and I am very grateful."

In addition to in-depth review of the company's management system, he also "fairly" prosecuted senior managers who were seriously negligent in accordance with the law.

This time Hi-Q won the brand gold ship award and the outstanding biotechnology industry gold award, which also gave a boost to the team's morale, and hoped that the team can move forward together upholding the ESG governance principles.

The public welfare gallery of Hi-Q Brown Algae Healthy Living Museum B1 is full of paintings of children with disabilities. The colorful colors make people feel strong vitality.

"Hi-Q's development is like a tree. It has a solid foundation and a strong trunk. It can naturally open up branches and leaves and grow strong." Zhang Yongsheng expressed perceptively that kindness is honesty, kindness, and persistence. He is starting his own business. I met many noble people on the road, and I hoped to create a cycle of goodness through some public welfare actions.

In addition to continuing to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged groups and his own farmed fresh fish, he also established the Taiwan United Anti-Cancer Association and the Taiwan Kindness Social Service Federation to help the disadvantaged and give back to the society with more public welfare organizations. -Q's introduction to attract more people to contribute to the land and society.