Last Friday, Taiwan stocks closed 189 points away from the year's lowest point of 13,928.66, and the bottom was in danger.


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[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes suffered bloodbath again last Friday. The Dow Jones Index broke through 30,000 points, hitting a new low in nearly two years. The US dollar and U.S. bond yields soared, closely linked to Taiwan stocks. The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index also broke the bottom, and TSMC's ADR fell 2.33%. Taiwan stocks were under heavy pressure this week.

In response to the recent market situation, the Allianz Investment Trust Taiwan stock team said that the US Federal Reserve announced a 3-yard interest rate hike a few days ago, and suggested that the monetary tightening policy will last longer than market expectations, showing strong anti-inflation and super hawkish remarks and other winds are suppressed. Under the atmosphere that the market was once again caught in the dark cloud of the overall economic situation, the trend also reappeared.

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Allianz Investment Trust Taiwan stock team said that affected by this, the market was filled with a conservative atmosphere and the trend was volatile.

The overall volume of recent transactions has also been relatively shrinking, showing that the market is still relatively strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

As far as the industry is concerned, it is still a period of stock price correction in which the stocks of technology stocks continue to correct at this stage, and the most severe downward revision of fundamentals has already begun.

Looking forward to the market outlook, the Taiwan stock team of Allianz Investment Trust said that because the Fed has not slowed down the pace of interest rate hikes, and adhered to a tough anti-inflation attitude, it has become an important factor in suppressing the market.

On the other hand, with the strengthening of the US dollar index, other markets have also been under considerable pressure, and a certain degree of pressure has also been formed on the capital side. It is also necessary to pay attention to the US dollar index in the short term.

The investment team of Risheng Taiwan Sustainable Growth Dividend Fund pointed out that Taiwan and the United States will maintain the trend of interest rate hikes unchanged, and it is expected that the evaluation of the stock market will still be suppressed. It is not easy for Taiwan stocks to rebound significantly. According to the estimated profit of listed companies, the current Taiwan stock price-earnings ratio is only about 11 times, and the downside space is limited. In the city, give priority to the distribution of ethnic groups with clear medium and long-term trends.

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