Google CEO Sundar Pichai.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Faced with an uncertain macroeconomic outlook, US technology giant Google plans to cut employee travel and entertainment budgets to reduce expenses.

Some employees are dissatisfied with this, thinking that Google has a high profit and a lot of cash, but it is mean to ask employees to save entertainment expenses.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded by telling employees to stop equating money with fun.

According to comprehensive media reports, Pichai was questioned by employees at a company all-hands meeting last week why the company was "demeaning" them by restricting travel, cutting entertainment budgets and perks, especially when the company has "record profits and huge cash." reserve".

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To this, Pichai responded, saying that even if certain things, such as certain benefits, are eliminated, Google's culture can still be pleasant.

Pichai cited the early days of Google as an example, saying that at that time the company was small and there was not much fun, and the employees were still motivated. He believed that employees should not always equate fun with money. "You can join a hard-working startup The company, having fun at work, does not necessarily equate with money.”

Google's shares closed at $98.74 on the 23rd, down 1.4%.

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