PetroChina announced that gasoline and diesel will not be adjusted this week.

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[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] PetroChina has launched a dual stabilization mechanism, and gasoline and diesel will not be adjusted since 0:00 a.m. on the 26th.

The reference retail prices of various oil products of CNPC are maintained at 29.2 yuan per liter for 92 unleaded gasoline, 30.7 yuan per liter for 95 unleaded gasoline, 32.7 yuan per liter for 98 unleaded gasoline, and 26.9 yuan per liter for super diesel. The actual retail price is announced at each business point as allow.

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CNPC said that this week, international oil prices fell due to factors such as the US Federal Reserve's announcement of a 3-yard rate hike and the United Arab Emirates' plans to accelerate plans to increase crude oil production capacity.

According to the adjustment principle of the floating oil price mechanism, this week, gasoline and diesel should be increased by 3.2 yuan and 4.6 yuan per liter respectively. In order to maintain the price lower than neighboring Asian countries, gasoline and diesel will absorb 2.9 yuan and 4.3 yuan respectively; after the absorption, 95 unleaded gasoline If it exceeds 30 yuan, further measures to stabilize oil prices will be initiated. In the first stage, the 25% amplitude adjustment will be rounded up, and gasoline and diesel will each absorb 0.3 yuan per liter.

The dual stabilization mechanism is activated, with gasoline and diesel absorbing 3.2 yuan and 4.6 yuan respectively, and the actual prices of domestic gasoline and diesel will not be adjusted.

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