Poland buys natural gas from Norway and is no longer afraid of being "cut off" by Russia.

(European News Agency)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] According to sources, due to the early completion of the project in Denmark, Poland can obtain twice the amount of natural gas from Norway through the new Baltic Sea pipeline in Q4.

Danish system operator Energinet said on Saturday that the pipeline could be vented by the end of November as works in Denmark are progressing well, helping Poland's gas shortage.

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Poland was cut off from gas supplies by Russia in April for refusing to pay rubles.

The opening of the Baltic pipeline next week is at the heart of Poland's strategy to diversify away from dependence on Russian gas, which was in the works years before Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Equinor said on the 23rd that it had reached a 10-year agreement to sell natural gas to Poland's state-controlled oil and gas company PGNiG in a transaction volume of 2.4 billion cubic meters per year, accounting for about 10% of Poland's annual consumption. 15%.

Natural gas will be transported through the Baltic Sea pipeline, which has an annual supply of 10 billion cubic meters.

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