Regulations for farmers' markets and requirements for small-scale home-grown food production will reduce abuse and the shadow economy and respond to the reality that consumers are looking for such products.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Georgi Sabev during a round table in the village of Cherni Vit, dedicated to the Ordinance on the specific requirements for the production of small quantities of food at home, which was prepared by several experts on the subject in the country, the ministry announced of agriculture.

"Such regulations are very necessary normative documents that meet the needs and the Bulgarian reality.

And at the moment, home-made foods are being produced, which are sought after by consumers, who find realization through one or another channel," the deputy minister specified.

He added that such regulations allow for legal income for producers, while at the same time they must be drafted in a way that will ensure that unfair practices will not be created and provide prerequisites or conditions for abuses.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture recalled that within the framework of the European strategy "From the farm to the table", ways to shorten the path from producers to consumers are sought and stimulated.

Such regulations will achieve these goals.

The agrarian deputy minister assured that the two proposed regulations will be examined by the experts in the ministry, as well as that he is counting on the assistance of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA).

"This is the first discussion, and it should develop into a broad national one, so that different points of view can be heard," commented Georgi Sabev.

For the first time, they propose regulations for farmers' markets

The discussion took place during the Bulgarian Cheese Festival in the village of Cherni Vit, Teteven municipality, which became famous for its green cheese produced there.

"I am happy to see the huge growth of producers here, which means that your initiative is revitalizing the rural areas and settlements that are further from the capital and the regional cities" Deputy Minister Sabev greeted the participants of the event with these words.

Homemade cheeses from different regions of Bulgaria, cheeses from small dairies, bread, honey, wine and Bulgarian salt were presented at the forum.

Cheese making demonstrations were organized as well as demonstrations of various environmental practices.

"This event provides the stage on which traditional products are presented.

Milk is both a product and a raw material.

In Bulgaria, milk is used to make the products that are known all over the world, such as Bulgarian yogurt and Bulgarian white brine cheese," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Georgi Sabev in conclusion.