The foreign trade association commissioner guides the exhibitors for the representative of our representative office in Mongolia.

(Provided by the Trade Association)

[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Taipei Report] Due to the three-year period of the epidemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Trade Association invited 4 companies to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, to participate in the Ulaanbaatar Autumn Exhibition from September 22 to 25. International Friendship Trade Fair (Ulaanbaatar Partnership-2022 International Trade Fair).

According to the trade association, the engine efficiency improvement solutions and water purification systems exhibited by Taiwanese companies have received high inquiries.

The Ulaanbaatar Autumn Trade Fair is the largest comprehensive commercial exhibition in Mongolia. It is hosted by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and will be held at the Michele Pavilion in Ulaanbaatar this year.

In addition to the products of more than 30 local manufacturers, the organizer invited more than 70 foreign companies from Russia, Belarus, Malaysia and Taiwan to participate in the exhibition this year. The 4 national pavilions exhibited products including automotive energy-saving systems, water purification equipment, building materials, sewage Water treatment systems, calorie calculators, processed meat, dairy products, wheat, animal feed and other agricultural products, sports food, medical equipment and drugs, mining industrial vehicles, LED light bulbs, packaging machinery, oil and gas extraction machinery, plastic products, fitness equipment There are 105 booths such as food, livelihood supplies and clothing, etc. The organizer estimates that the exhibition will last for 4 days and attract nearly 10,000 visitors.

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During the exhibition, Taiwan Pavilion manufacturers have gained a lot, including Huangchang Xingye's engine efficiency improvement plan and Shengping Industrial's water purification system, which received the highest inquiries.

In addition, 4 banks including State Bank and Khan Bank, Mongolian Golomt Bank and Mongolian Trade & Development Bank (Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia), which undertake the refinancing of my country's export-import banks in Mongolia, are also involved. On-site financing consultation services are provided, and the Taiwan Pavilion will also exhibit the "Taiwan Online Virtual Pavilion" to provide virtual exhibition services for Mongolian manufacturers.

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