The "2022 Taiwan-Thailand Industry Chain Summit Forum" was held in Taipei and Bangkok for two consecutive days, resulting in the signing of 4 memorandums of cooperation.

(Provided by Bureau of Industry)

[Reporter Liao Jianing / Taipei Report] "2022 Taiwan-Thailand Industry Chain Summit Forum" was held in Taipei and Bangkok for two consecutive days. Nearly 400 Taiwan and Thailand cross-industry industry, government, academia, research and other fields attended the forum activities. Representatives participated and contributed to the signing of 4 memorandums of cooperation. 

In order to create a diverse and innovative space for economic and trade cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand, the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been adhering to the principle of private leadership and government support since 2017, and has promoted the Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Chain Forum as a platform for industrial cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand. 

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The forum is led by the Federation of Taiwan Industries and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), organized by the Taiwan Food Institute and the Food Institute of Thailand (NFI), and co-organized by relevant legal persons. Over the past 6 years, the forum has paid attention to "food biotechnology", "textile", "wisdom" and "wisdom" that both sides are concerned about The business opportunities of the four major industries such as "city" and "automation" have changed, and new opportunities for deepening the cooperation relationship have been sought. This forum focuses on the expansion of the field of industrial cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand and the normalization of the relationship.

In their opening speeches, Xie Qijia, the convener of the Federation of Trade Unions, and Kriengkrai Thiennukul, the president of the Thai Federation of Trade Unions, both affirmed and optimistic about the future diversified cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand. 

This year's 4 major industry sub-forums, "Food Biotechnology" focuses on the cooperation of health food industries such as probiotics, "Textile" focuses on the development and joint verification and promotion of high-quality textiles, and "Smart City" focuses on the establishment of the Taitai Smart City Demonstration Park and the development of electric vehicles, while “Automation” focuses on innovative development and exchanges in production automation and smart robots, and will develop more substantial and specific cooperation between the two industries. 

Among them, the "Smart City" sub-forum was gradually lifted this year due to the epidemic, and it went directly to Thailand to communicate and interact on the spot in Thailand. 

The Bureau of Industry stated that this year's forum activities led to the signing of 4 memorandums of cooperation, including the cooperation between Shanghai Yin Technology and Tide Research Institute in the field of precision transmission component application technology training and the license system; Taiwan's Kamil and Thailand's Synergy Technology Co., Ltd. Thailand promotes AI air pollution response platform solutions to help improve urban air quality; Taiwan's Qunmai Communications and Thailand's Synergy Technology Co., Ltd. jointly develop Thailand and Southeast Asia's smart medical and care platform and AIoT solutions; Taiwan's advanced medical capital and Thailand's Connect Dignosis company Cooperation to introduce cloud medical care solutions into 150 primary medical institutions in Thailand, etc.  

Chen Peili, deputy director of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that the Taiwan-Thailand Forum has successfully linked the cooperation of different industries in the past few years, and the cooperation model will be more focused in the future. The "TGI-HSG Smart Automation Academy" was unveiled. In the future, the Taiwan-Thailand industry will have more in-depth cooperation in the cultivation of smart automation talents and smart machinery. 

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