Typhoons, floods and earthquakes are all "excluded". In case of natural disasters, car insurance "all insurance" is useless

If the car is damaged by "natural disasters" such as typhoon, flood, earthquake, etc., unless the "additional clause" commonly known as "typhoon flood risk" is insured in advance, even if the insurance is fully insured, it cannot be claimed (provided by the operator)

[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report] When buying a new car, most car owners will purchase the most comprehensive insurance coverage for their car. "Exclusions" do not make claims unless the "additional clauses" commonly known as "typhoon flood risk" are insured in advance. According to statistics, only about 6/1,000 car owners in Taiwan add "typhoon flood risk" insurance.

On the eve of the 921 earthquake anniversary, the 918 earthquake occurred, which once again caused the panic of the Chinese people about the earthquake.

The ratio of Chinese people to take out earthquake insurance is not high, but when most people buy new cars, they will spend a lot of money to buy "all-inclusive insurance", thinking that the coverage is the most complete. responsibility".

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Lu Wenquan, deputy general manager of Xin'an Tokyo Marine Property Insurance, pointed out that natural disasters such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes are "exclusions and exclusions" in all types of car insurance, that is to say, if the insured has not added insurance for "typhoons, earthquakes and earthquakes" in advance. , tsunami, hail, flood or rainwater additional clauses", when the vehicle is damaged by an accident caused by natural disasters, it is not possible to obtain compensation.

Lv Wenquan pointed out that when car owners insure the car body loss insurance, if the "auto body loss insurance typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, hail, flood or rainwater additional clause" commonly known as "typhoon flood risk" is attached, when the car is insured in an earthquake or flood. Claims can only be made if you are soaked in water or crushed during a typhoon.

However, the proportion of car owners who have this concept is extremely low. According to statistics, only about 0.6% of car owners in Taiwan have insurance coverage for "car body damage insurance typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, hail, flood or rainwater accumulation clause".

The property insurance company explained that the coverage of the above-mentioned additional clauses, in addition to the earthquake caused the house tile to fly down and smash the vehicle, the road tree or the signboard to collapse and smash the vehicle, if the typhoon or heavy rain accumulates the water, the car is soaked in water, and the rainstorm causes the landslide to bury the car. are also covered.

However, Lv Wenquan reminded car owners that typhoon flood insurance cannot be insured alone, and must be insured before car body loss insurance can be reinsured, and both are billed on a 1-year basis. For typhoon flood insurance, the insurance company will still charge a 1-year premium according to the terms of the policy, and car owners need to pay special attention.

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