On September 17, the authorities of Belarus celebrate a new holiday, which was invented in 2021 - the Day of National Unity.

On this day, Alexander Lukashenko is going to announce an amnesty.

Let's see how much the celebration will cost.

303 thousand dollars for the patriotic show-forum

On September 17, the authorities plan to hold the "Patriotic show-forum "This is our history!"

at the Minsk Arena.

According to the government procurement website, it will cost 780,000 rubles, or $303,000.

A stage with an area of ​​524 square meters and a height of 1 meter will be set up at the Minsk Arena.

During the show, according to the technical description, special effects will be used: 6 smoke cannons, 8 serpentine launchers, and a cryo-effect generator.

Funds for the holiday are budgetary.

The concert until July 3 cost the authorities more than twice as much — 133,900 dollars.

$19,400 for exhibition

The National Historical Museum is holding an exhibition for the National Unity Day - "Birch Kartuskaya Chancellery 1934-1939", it will cost 50,000 rubles, or 19,400 dollars.

Holiday in the regions

Accompanying events to the Day of National Unity in Brest will cost 65,000 rubles, or $25,000.

In Barysov, festive events for the Day of National Unity will cost 30,500 rubles, or 11.8 thousand dollars.

In Hrodna, 9,000 rubles or 3,500 dollars will be spent on the holiday.

In Mazyr, September 17 is the City Day.

Festive events there will cost 10,000 rubles, or almost 4,000 dollars.

In the Karelitsky District, a banner will be purchased for 700 rubles, or 272 dollars, for the Day of National Unity.

The banner will be 7 meters high and 3.5 meters wide, with the inscription: "National Unity Day".