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A record 40 percent of Spain's electricity was generated by wind and solar energy in April, which can be explained by the windy spring and the increase in installed renewable energy capacity, according to a report by the Ember Climate think tank. quoted by Reuters.

Wind farms provided 26.2 per cent of the country's electricity last month and photovoltaic plants 14.1 per cent, according to a report based on data from Spain's Red Electric operator. ).

Electricity generated by hydropower is down 33.77 percent year-on-year as of May 8th

Green energy production has increased due to strong winds during the month and an increase in installed capacity.

The production capacity of wind energy has increased by 3.7 percent compared to last year, and the increase in photovoltaic plants is 26 percent.

Nuclear and gas power plants produced 21.6 per cent and 20.3 per cent, respectively, of the volume of electricity produced in April.

The previous record for the share of solar and wind energy in the country's energy mix was 38 percent in May 2021.

With its sunny plains, flooded rivers and windy hills, Spain plans to generate 67 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2026.

The economic recovery plan adopted by the Spanish government following the KOVID-19 pandemic provides for around € 6.9 billion for renewable energies, green hydrogen and energy storage by 2023, with the aim of attracting € 9.45 billion in private energy. investments.