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US technology giant Apple has violated EU competition rules with its Apple Pay payment system.

This was announced today by the European Commission after months of preliminary investigation, world agencies reported. 

According to the European Commission, there are "indications that Apple has restricted third parties' access to key technology" in favor of Apple Pay, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said in a statement. 

The EU executive believes that Apple is restricting competition by preventing digital wallet application developers from accessing the necessary hardware and software on the company's devices.

In this way, market competition is distorted and innovation is suppressed. 

The EC has been investigating the technology company since 2020. 

The commission did not specify what fines could be imposed on the group if the allegations are finally confirmed. 

This is one of several investigations launched by the EU against Apple.

European regulators are also investigating whether the company has violated the bloc's antitrust rules, distorting competition in the music streaming market by imposing unfair rules on services competing with its App Store, BTA notes.  

Europe is finalizing new legislation to better combat internet deviations

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